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SpringSummer, 2013

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in Transfinite this spring and summer, 2012

The format of these pages continues to evolve. I offer the first of a trio of essays on saving the US--and indeed the world--from labor drudgery and another means of saving fossil fuel. Below is a new header of Articles to discuss these and other things.

Harold Jokela's Haiku offerings are still in the Poetry section for now. Lots of surprises in these for those with a critical eyes, and a twinkle or two!

There are some new tales of my autobiographical miscellany from several years ago. This one about the destruction of my shoulder.

Oh, and a Close Encounters twist by Harold Jokela as well.

More from Harold Jokela are several haiku that he wrote either during or after teaching English to Chinese high school student. ...Call these Insightful

For the cryonicists and ethicists among us is something new, "Curing Brain Death." Should be interesting to every intelligent person, and especially to those who plan to be placed into suspended animation since resolving brain death is a major part of re-animation.

Margie Bailey Rose's stories are still being read by scores of new people every month.
It was side-splitting to be among the original group to critique her stories. They are still funny.

Well, it's finally happened, people. One of our senior editors has finally shared a short story with us. I'm hoping this becomes one of the Foonman files; for starters, we've got Useless's New Invention.

I have dared to re-interpret "Remembering You" by the (very) late Lord Byron.

Also new are the Fragments of Heraclitus, and my ongoing editing of Long's translation of Marcus Aurelius' journal, as well as many other offerings.  --enjoy!

Well, the Philosophy section has William Harris' sterling new translation of Heraclitus' Fragments; and I just (or should I say finally?   :) added Long's translation of Marcus Aurelius' journal, Meditations. Mr Long's fine work is still undergoing a careful update from' his Victorian prose--somewhat stilted and awkward--into 21st Century English.

Other new works (from friends and myself) and the best of the classics. These include a re-translation of A Lute of Jade, a collection of Tang poetry. There are hundreds of Tang-era poems; I will be tweaking them for years to come.

One of Thought Unlimited's virtual websites will soon become the only H.W. Wright site.

For those who have asked in private email (and whom I have promised a peek behind the curtain), check out this Work-in-Progress website:

Henry Wilkes Wright

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