The Witch's Brood or Tales from the Crib

By Margie Baily Rose

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Being raised by six children is a life everyone should try, but probably few would choose. They made fun where there was none and turned an ordinary life into daily adventure. Husbands and fathers came and went as the children and Mom rolled on.  It began in the 60s after all– no need to please the grandparents or the neighbors– Free Love, Free Rein, Free to be Yourself.


The Witch's Brood is a collection of vignettes from this family's journey.  It is honest storytelling with all the humor and sarcasm of real life.  You may read a story or two to yourself, but you will soon find someone to share it, as it is best read aloud.  The stories evoke memories of one's own childhood exploits, the memories you wish you had and some you'll be glad you didn't.


The Witch likes to think she got her nickname from her lack of originality in Halloween costuming, but more likely it is a euphemism for the rhyming 'B' word.  These stories will be read and enjoyed by all ages and genders.


The System

My children wanted me to write our stories but have threatened to sue me for slander if I use their names, so they are referred to by their birth-order number.  The oldest three are boys and the youngest three are girls.


The numbering system was taken to great lengths at Christmas when their major focus was snooping for presents hidden on the tallest shelves and in the back of closets.  To keep the surprise alive I wrapped each gift as it was purchased and put a number on it instead of a name.  Even if they found the present and figured out what is was, they didn't know whom it was for.  To keep at least one step ahead, I used three different numbers for each child and changed them around every year.  The system worked so well I outsmarted myself one year and #4 got a present intended for #3.  Lucky for me she was a tomboy and didn't notice the mix-up.

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